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We have games for everyone! Some consist solely of a pack of beautiful cards, others that have component stacks that reach to the heavens.


Photon Games is all about delivering great gaming memories, the excitement of opening a new game and seeing all those components, the spike of adrenaline when you pick up just the right Action Card, the whole table waiting with bated breath as those final dice are rolled…

I'm sure I've got your attention! At Photon Games our games are lovingly crafted and meticulously play tested to bring you all of this and more, in each and every game.

With two titles planned to launch in early 2015, we are really excited to bring you the high quality of gaming you deserve. Creo Tabula!


News and updates about our games, new projects and stuff from around the office.
Aug 0
Aug 0

Sultan’s Library – Production Update 3

Hello all you fabulous backers! Location Cards Zane has informed me that he has nearly finished all the Location cards (besides the ones for our high-tier backers). This has always been a large part of the artwork, so once they are finished we should be well on our way to having all the art done. […]

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Jul 0
Jul 0

Sultan’s Library – Production Update 2

Hello again, fellow travelers! Multi Player Over the past 2 weeks I have been playtesting Sultan’s Library with the new cards that we will be including. More specifically, I wanted to see how the game would play with more people. I am happy to report that our backers will be able to play Sultan’s Library […]

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